Frequently Asked Questions

The Nebraska Municipal Power Pool is the utility services organization of NMPP Energy, a coalition of four organizations based in Lincoln, Neb.

NMPP is a member-driven organization. The NMPP Board of Directors consists of representatives from the total NMPP membership nominated and voted on by the NMPP Members Council based on community population categories.

NMPP has nearly 200 member municipalities across six Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. For a list of NMPP members, click here.

NMPP, or the Power Pool, is one of four organizations of NMPP Energy, the trade name for a coalition of four separate organizations. NMPP is the utility-related services organization of NMPP Energy. Formed in 1975, the Power Pool is the oldest organization of the NMPP Energy coalition.

NMPP provides a wide variety utility-related services including:

  • Utility rate design
  • Electric distribution
  • Education
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Utility/business management software
  • Legislative Advocacy

For more information on NMPP services, click here.